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My name is Milan Kondic, I am a producer/DJ known as Indicazo, living in the city Breda (Netherlands). Trance (psy/progressive/uplifting) is the genre that I focus on, but often I produce also other genres. You can listen to my tracks here.

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About Me


Since i was 14 i started making music, trance is my favorite music genre. It began when i had my first DJ lesson, since then i started remixing and also discovered how to make my own music. Currently I use Ableton to produce. It's my passion to express myself in what i make!

Music is a gateway to a higher and more intense experience of life.



Indicazo United Force
United Force
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Indicazo Zummer (Original Mix)
Zummer (Original Mix)
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Indicazo Revolution
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  • Lancering website

    Hallo daar en welkom! Dit is de officiele website van DJ Indicazo. Deze website word zeer...

    1 May


  • dit is nog een test!
    dit is nog een test!
    Posted on: 12 April 2015, 02:50

    Even kijken of dit ook werkt ! :D Even kijken of dit ook werkt ! :D Even kijken of dit ook werkt ! ...

  • This is a blog test
    This is a blog test
    Posted on: 10-April-2015 02:11

    Hello, This is the first blog test! I hope it works well, but we shall see. It's also the first...


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